Jamie Blanchard-PolingJamie Blanchard-Poling
18:48 30 May 23
Sarah is an amazing teacher! My son loves her and loves going to our toddler playgroup. With Sarah, I have learned how to respond to certain situations that I did not know how to before, and it has gone very well. I am developing good behaviors and emotional readiness with my son. I would highly recommend!
Megan ReichertMegan Reichert
22:35 14 Apr 23
I look forward to the Raised with Respect play group all week! It’s been great to connect with other babies and caregivers and I always leave having learned something new about infant care or parenting. Sarah is very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you for this opportunity!
Jimena PeckJimena Peck
20:05 23 Feb 23
We’ve been participating in Sarah’s playgroup since the beginning and my son and myself both love it. Its a beautiful and safe place to play and learn. Sarah is super knowledgeable and is always willing to share advice and thoughts on the challenges of parenting. We are so grateful we have a space like this in Fort Collins - I don’t think theres any other RIE’s trained educator in Fort Collins! We love her and recommend everyone a few hours of play around her.
stacy haguestacy hague
19:53 23 Feb 23
I was gifted these parent-infant play group classes for Christmas. I have two young children and this playgroup was an opportunity to spend one on one time with my youngest. I can easily say this was my favorite present I received this year!Sarah runs the classes and she is absolutely wonderful! She has created such a unique opportunity for parents looking for adult connection and parenting advice in a positive, respectful, non-judgemental atmosphere. While her classes provide such a rich experience for the parents, the babies and toddlers are also experiencing wonderful interactions amongst themselves in a calm and stress-free environment.Having the feeling of community with other parents going through the same things as you is invaluable. If you are looking for that community and to feel supported, this is the place to go! I just wish these classes had been available to me when I was a first time parent, too! I can't recommend Sarah enough!
Molly BrooksMolly Brooks
16:14 16 Feb 23
Love the play group that Sarah runs. She is so knowledgeable with the respectful parenting practices and has great topics to discuss every week. We always look forward to going to play group!
Alice WhiteAlice White
22:39 15 Feb 23
I love the Raised with Respect playgroups! It's great community, and I have learned so much from Sarah about the RIE method and parenting. Highly recommend.
Katie VogelKatie Vogel
17:08 26 Jan 23
Raised with Respect, and Sarah, have been an integral part of our family starting with maternity/newborn classes and now in to "pre-crawlers," and we hope to continue to grow our family with her guidance. She is kind, thoughtful, thorough, knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. We've implemented so many of Raised with Respect's ideals and we believe our baby, and us as parents, are thriving because of it. We are so thankful for Raised with Respect, and Sarah!
Elisabeth ShelbyElisabeth Shelby
22:12 05 Jan 23
Our family loves attending the Raised with Respect playgroup weekly. Our child gets to play with simple, stimulating toys that we don't necessarily have at the house while I get to interact with like-minded parents who value respect, kindness and free-movement.It's been very valuable to me to discuss things that challenge me as a parent in a non-judgemental environment where I can get both Sarah's expertise and other parents experiences. Sarah is an essential parenting collaborator for me, bringing ideas and perspectives that enable me to be the parent, leader and guide my child needs.
Jacqui Barnett JamesJacqui Barnett James
19:08 30 Oct 22
I highly recommend Sarah’s class for new parents. It was incredibly helpful for me and my husband as we are expecting our first any day now. Learning some basic essentials and well as the Respectful Parenting Philosophy made us feel much more prepared.