respectful caregiving for infants

A 2-hour Workshop

For expecting parents and parents/caregivers of infants.

Caring for an infant can feel daunting. This workshop will help you to feel confident in your role, build connection with your little one, and support their development — all while balancing your needs as an individual.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to support an infant’s need for both dependence and independence.
  • Why and how to use caregiving routines as a time for meaningful connection.
  • Tools to encourage natural motor and language development.
  • How to interpret and respond to an infant’s communication and emotions.

Drawing on my 15+ years of experience working with infants and young children and inspired by the RIE Educaring® approach, this workshop will introduce you to the groundbreaking philosophy of caring for infants with respect — from Day One. You will learn to see your infant through new eyes and discover how capable and competent they already are.

Please join me (along with other parents/caregivers) for this 2-hour, virtual workshop.



Price includes yourself plus (optionally) one partner.

Interested in attending a workshop?

Launching SEPTEMBER 2023

Check back for upcoming dates!

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