Play Groups

RIE®-Inspired Parent-Infant Play Groups (age 3 months to 36 months).

Join me for weekly play groups where I will demonstrate strategies and provide a roadmap for Respectful Parenting throughout your child’s development.  You will learn and practice skills that you can incorporate into daily routines to strengthen and build on your connection with your child and help make parenting easy(er).

Your child will enjoy a facilitated play experience with developmentally appropriate materials while socializing with other infants/toddlers. Children are allowed to explore all materials at their own pace and according to their interests. Parents are invited to closely observe their child’s exploration and discovery. I will use this time to demonstrate how to respectfully set and hold boundaries, model how to encourage autonomy and self-regulation, and use the setting to discuss common areas of concern, including: developmental milestones, sleep, feeding, tantrums, social skills, play, attachment, and much more.

You will likely find these groups to be slow-moving, calming, almost meditative. This is intentional. As Magda Gerber said, “Do less. Observe more. Enjoy most.”

Each group meets weekly from 75 – 90 minutes (varies by cohort). Parent(s) attend with their child. Children are grouped according to their stage of motor development.

Typical structure of the play group:

  • Chat/catch-up as families arrive
  • Quiet observation time
  • Discussion of observations and parenting in general
  • Snack (provided) for toddler groups
  • Tidy-up
  • Goodbyes

Play Group Schedule

Each class is between 75 and 90 minutes depending on the cohort.

Group nameDayTimeStatus
This group is for almost mobile and mobile babies who might be: sun-dialing, starting to roll, “revving” on their hands and knees or lunging forward to move (almost crawling), inch worming, proficiently rolling to move, or confidently crawling.
Friday10:15am – 11:30amSpots available
Young Toddlers:
This group is for babies who are turning into toddlers (under 24 months). They might be expert crawlers, beginning walkers, or confident walkers.
Thursday8:30am – 10:00amWaitlisted
Older Toddlers:
This group is for full blown toddlers (~24 – 36 months) who are walking most, if not all, of the time.
Friday8:15am – 9:45amWaitlisted

Select the  group that most closely matches your child’s current mobility skills. You might also want to consider rough age range, nap schedule, social skills, and cognitive development. There is always going to be a bit of an assortment of abilities in each group and that’s great!

If you’re not quite sure, please reach out, and I can help!


Classes are ongoing (weekly). You only use a class credit when you actually attend. If you cannot make it a particular week, you can simply rejoin your group the following week.

You can cancel your reservation up until 24 hours before your scheduled play group and receive a class credit. Reservations cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will not be refunded.

New families get $25 off of their first 4-pack with promo code: NEWFAMILY

4 Classes$100 ($25 per class)
8 Classes$180 ($22.50 per class)

If you have twins or triplets or for sliding scale payment options, please contact me.


2536 Midpoint Dr. Unit A | Fort Collins, CO

Enter on the west side of the building. We are in the yoga studio upstairs from Move.ment Pilates and Physical Therapy, in the same building as the Fort Collins Circus Center.

Ready to join a play group?

If the group you are interested is marked as “Waitlisted” in the table above, please sign up for the Waitlist. I will let you know when there is availability.

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