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Parent-Infant Play Groups

I love the Raised with Respect playgroups! It’s great community, and I have learned so much from Sarah about the RIE method and parenting. Highly recommend.”

Alice (Play Group participant)

Our family loves attending the Raised with Respect playgroup weekly. Our child gets to play with simple, stimulating toys that we don’t necessarily have at the house while I get to interact with like-minded parents who value respect, kindness and free-movement. It’s been very valuable to me to discuss things that challenge me as a parent in a non-judgmental environment where I can get both Sarah’s expertise and other parents’ experiences. Sarah is an essential parenting collaborator for me, bringing in ideas and perspectives that enable me to be the parent/leader/guide my child needs.“

Libby (Play Group participant)
Virtual Courses

I highly recommend Sarah’s class for new parents. It was incredibly helpful for me and my husband as we are expecting our first any day now. Learning some basic essentials and well as the Respectful Parenting Philosophy made us feel much more prepared.”

Jacqui (Newborn Masterclass participant)

“My husband and I completed the Newborn Masterclass course prior to having our first baby. Not having done a lot of research or preparation before doing the course, I found the course to be very helpful learning the basics of taking care of baby, what to expect and what exactly you will need. There is SO much information out there on how to feed baby, nurse baby, raise baby, etc. and this course simplified things for me, an anxious mama to be. Sarah was very welcoming and knowledgeable and we enjoyed the interactive parts of the course as well. I would definitely recommend this course to first time moms!

Robin (Newborn Masterclass participant)

“We learned a completely new way to interact with our baby!”

Newborn Masterclass participant

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